Saturday, October 19, 2013

  • The PlanetBox ColdKit was created to help keep PlanetBox meals cool throughout the day. The ColdKit allows you to cover your PlanetBox in a blanket of ice, which can stay cold for up to 8 hours. The IcePack is made with only purified water, so no yucky gel mess to worry about! The washable fabric Sleeve prevents the IcePack from excessive sweating. The ColdKit is the perfect tool for preventing “PlanetBox warming.”
    • Compatible with all our lunch packing systems - Launch, Rover and Shuttle.
    • The ColdKit consists of our gel-free IcePack (made with purified water only) tucked inside of our fabric Sleeve.
    • Can be placed next to your PlanetBox when packed inside all our Carry Bags.

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